About d42

Well, this is sort of a replacement blog, as I forgot the password to the last one I kept.

I’ll try and remember to update, an endeavor I hope to be goaded into doing by ETL, since I’m also a Staff Writer (with knobs), for her very active Meandering Entertainer blog.

Regarding myself, I’m quickly exiting youth and entering adulthood, a passage lately marked, at long last, by my attainment of professional employment.  I begin on July 30th.

In the interim years, I’ve discovered that I love to cook, dig exercising, would love to join some kind of team if only they didn’t keep asking me for money, enjoy driving, am uncomfortable around children, can reason myself out of nearly any unpleasant emotion, will miss my old co-workers, and already miss old friends.

Certain combinations of guitar chords can bring a tightness to my chest moreso than most modern poetry. There’s nothing like a well-populated mosh pit to cheer a girl up.  I listen much more skillfully than I speak, I can’t wait to go away on vacation again, and I often wonder what I’d do if I decided not to come back.


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